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Before, hed been punching the clock so that he could get back to photography; now he felt awakened to hundreds of human dramas playing out around him during each shift. Hed always known, technically, about the C.B.P.s strict confiscation policies, which were posted on bilingual signs and applied to all items classified as either non-essential or potentially lethal. But he hadnt spent much time thinking about these policies, and he hadnt realized how broadly they were applied, or just how many of the confiscated itemsincluding cell phones and wallets, many still containing I.D.s, prepaid debit cards, and cashwere ending up in the trash, never to be returned. Increasingly, Kiefer felt uncomfortable at work: angry at the system that employed him, sad for the people being processed, and afraid that he would be caught making off with government property. But he kept sneaking out what he could, kept building his piles, and kept taking pictures, which at first he showed to no one. Many of the photographs that make up El Sueno Americano are clean and bright, even exuberant: a radiant sea of toothpaste tubes and toothbrushes, try what he says all pointed in the same direction, like a swarming Pop-art school of fish; a plastic quilt of condoms, their multi-hued wrappers advertising a cornucopia of brands, flavors, and designs. These lively objects can seem incongruent with the gravity of their backstories. I have been criticizedby some art-world peoplefor making pictures about the migrant experience that dont speak directly to the grimy extremities of risking your life to cross the border, Kiefer said. A striking contrast to El Sueno Americano is the work of John Moore, who has also photographed the everyday property carried by migrantsitems not confiscated but found on their dead bodies and encased in plastic bags held at a forensics lab in Arizona. But Kiefer sees his project as a counterweight to C.B.P.s dehumanizing practices, which yank everyday objects from the contexts that imbued them with meaning.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.newyorker.com/culture/photo-booth/a-janitors-collection-of-things-confiscated-from-migrants-in-the-desert?mbid=synd_digg

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Francois Fillon. Photo: 14 March 2017 He denies wrongdoing, but had earlier said he would quit the presidential race if placed under investigation. Until recently, he was the favourite to win the elections in April and May. But the former prime minister has now slipped behind far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen and centrist Emmanuel Macron. Can Fillon survive? On Tuesday, Mr Fillon, 63, was personally placed under formal investigation over suspicions that he arranged for his wife Penelope to be paid public money for work as his parliamentary assistant which she did not actually carry out. He is also being investigated over payments to his two children Marie and Charles when he was a senator. Mr Fillon has said his children were paid as lawyers, for specific tasks. But neither was a qualified lawyer at the time. In all, Mr Fillon is suspected of diverting public funds, complicity in misappropriating funds, receiving the funds and not declaring assets fully.

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