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Photo by Adam Pardee. ( Hide ) by Palo Alto Weekly staff / Palo Alto Weekly In the latest Shop Talk column, read about the $6.6 million remodel of the downtown Palo Alto Apple store, the closure of a 30-year-old restaurant and the opening of a new Mexican eatery. APPLE REOPENS PALO ALTO STORE ... Apple fans got their first look at the newly renovated Apple store in downtown Palo Alto at 10 a.m. Saturday when the store officially reopened its doors. "You'll love what we've done with the place," the tech company recently posted on the Palo Alto Apple store website. The company closed its iconic arched glass retail store at 340 University Ave. last month to launch a reported $6.6-million remodel, according to permit details posted on Buildzoom. The newly remodeled store had been kept out of public view.

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