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A 161-page manifesto that Jakubowski sent to Trump criticized officials from all levels of government and contained "anti-religious views," according to investigators on the case. A video posted ชุดผ้าปูที่นอน ราคาส่ง to social media appears to show Jakubowski mailing the manifesto. He was taken into custody without incident hours after a farmer called the Vernon County Sheriff's Office on Thursday night to report a suspicious person on his property in Readstown, Wisconsin. "He gave up peacefully. There was an overwhelming force there. I think he knew what he was facing, Vernon County Sheriff John Spears said at a briefing, who said the suspect had been surrounded by 100 to 125 law enforcement officers. Authorities were making arrangements to return him to Rock County to face charges. Jakubowski is charged with armed burglary, felony theft and possession of burglary tools, according to the complaint. He previously served time in prison for trying to wrestle a gun away from a police officer. His sister also found a letter he wrote before the break-in at the gun shop, explaining that he wanted to purchase weapons to protect himself and his family, but was barred from doing so because he is a convicted felon, according to court documents.

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People say its trackable. Its not. Its kind of the Wild, Wild West. Amazons counterfeit issue is separate but related. In an effort to make it easier for Chinese vendors to sell on the site over the past few years, Amazon inadvertently opened the floodgates to counterfeit goods. It usually works like this: A seller has a legitimate product. It gets attention, people buy it and give it good reviews, and it climbs the ranks. When it becomes popular enough, counterfeiters see an opportunity and sell a bunch of cheap knockoffs at a deep discount, buoyed by a raft of reviews they paid for. Sometimes these products are merely similar -- which is legal -- but other times they are fully counterfeit and posted in the other sellers on Amazon section of a real products page, suckering buyers into thinking theyre legit. When buyers fall for it and arent happy with the junky counterfeit they bought, they leave angry reviews on the page of the real product, inflicting further damage on the legitimate seller. Under mounting pressure, Amazon launched a crackdown last year, and sellers and buyers can now report instances of counterfeiting, but whether anything can really stanch the sheer volume of knockoffs remains to be seen. Lets say they suspend an account, says Ming Ooi, chief strategy officer of Fakespot and Trustwerty , which help buyers and sellers detect bogus products and reviews on Amazon.

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