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Over 30 million people voted. our browser does not support this interactive content. Results in detail are available here . Younger people voted Remain According to polling by Lord Ashcroft, younger voters were much more likely to vote Remain than older voters. But turnout in areas with a higher proportion of younger residents tended to be lower. As well as age, educational attainment and national identity were also key factors in how the UK voted. The overall result Leave polled the most strongly in 270 counting areas, with Remain coming first in 129. Key: our browser does not support this interactive content. Results in detail are available here . What happened in the first referendum?

The modesty policy standsin stark contrast to the burkini-ban controversy that swept through France last year an offshoot of rampant anti-immigrant and anti-Islamic sentiment in the country. But Dubai, part of the United Arab Emirates, already has a modest dress code codified in its criminal law, requiring women to cover their shoulders and knees. And though Islam is the official state religion with 76 percent of all citizens of the UAE identifying as suchper the 2005 census Dubai has a significant expatriate community, with 85 percent of its total population beingexpatriates and migrant workers. Non-Muslims are freely permitted to attend their own houses of worship and practice their own religion, but they also are expected to follow modesty laws, so its easy to understand why the new beach rules could be seen as useful reminders. Dubaicertainly isnt the only country in the Middle East to make such a move. Last year, Israels Ministry of Culture introduced a modesty dress code for all performers at government-sponsored events. The policy was prompted by a state-backed concert by singer Hanna Goor, who was cut off when she performed on a Tel Aviv beach while wearing a bikini top. Israel also has certain beaches that ชุดว่ายน้ํา ทูพีช ราคาถูก are sex-segregated on certain days to accommodateJewish Orthodox women who adhere to modesty codes. Regarding Dubais latest move, a British tourist recently told the National , I am quite happy to use that section of beach as there will be no single men there, no large groups of young people smoking and swearing around my kids, and no barely dressed women posing provocatively with selfie sticks. Also, noted Vaishali Raj, head of fashion design at Amity University Dubai,Emiratis dress conservatively, and expats are expected to do so as well. Visitors often lose recognition of the fact that Dubai is very much a part of the Islamic world. Liberal as it appears, the recently changed beach rules should be taken as a positive step to awaken tourists to the vast journey the place has traveled in its outlook in such a short span of time. Last summer, burkini designer Aheda Zanetti wrote in the British newspaper the Guardianabout wanting to set the record straight regarding the French ban.

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