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As a result, Purinas Sensus-enhanced package helped deliver a more interactive, mutually engaging treating experience for pet owners and their cats. Beyond pet brands, Sensus is ideal for a broad range of flexible packaged consumer products, including cereal, granola, salty snacks and detergents, as it aligns with what Zip-Pak has identified as the global trend toward more interactive consumer packaging. The audible sound provides consumers with the assurance of a secure, tight seal. Double-zip Convenience and Efficiency Drive Transition from Rigid to Flexible Packaging for Morningstar Farms Flexible packages featuring Zip-Pak closure solutions deliver higher levels of cost and production efficiency, greater shelf-differentiation, and consumer preference in comparison to their rigid package counterparts, states Carrie Strieter, Director, Strategic Marketing & Innovation for Zip-Pak. Kellogg's MorningStar Farms brand experienced these benefits when they recently switched numerous veggie burger, กระเป๋า ZARA สวย ๆ nugget and other try this web-site popular กระเป๋าสตางค์ราคาถูก SKUs from bag-in-box cartons to flexible pouches with Zip-Paks Double-Zip zipper. The closure features two sets of interlocking profiles strategically spaced to guide consumers fingers along a path when closing a package. As a result, Double-Zip is very easy-to-align, providing a secure, complete seal each time the product is used. The frozen specialties category is still dominated by the traditional bag-in-box rigid package format. MorningStar Farms recognized the opportunity to differentiate the brand and add consumer value by transitioning to resealable flexible packaging, continues Strieter.

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